Getaway Machines

Look around. Our world is changing. We have to question our routines, reinvent the way we live, become more flexible in every aspect. We need to change our perspective.

With 70 percent of the world covered in water it's time to flip conventions and join Qrooz. More often than not our home is our most valued possession. A safe haven. What if you could take this haven with you? Go where your job takes you or escape the city on your weekend without moving house. Simply be where you want to be. Qrooz offers the comfort of a spacious home, combined with the mobility of a ship.

Qrooz is a solution instead of yet another compromise. What if the entire world were your playground? What if water were your roads? With Qrooz you expand your world. Global warming and rising sea levels no longer pose a threat, they are mere ingredients to the big bowl of soup that’s life.

Arno Schuurs - founder